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Mischa Estate is nestled in the valley of Wellington, South Africa below Groenberg.  Third generation Mischa Estate was bought just after the Second World War by John Barns Senior. He chose the farm because of its view of Table Mountain. This unique position makes Mischa one of the few farms in the region with a line of sight to the coast, bringing evening sea breezes that play an important role in these unique wines distinctive character.
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Our Commitment to Excellence
Welcome to Mischa Premier Vines and thank you for your interest in our product. Mischa Premier
Vines has a history of forty years in the business of producing quality nursery vines. The
experience built up over these forty years is of great benefit to us in striving to produce top-quality
nursery vines. We would like to share the benefit of that experience with you the customer.

We believe that the cornerstone of our success is firstly, our track record and reputation, secondly,
our complete control of our material, and thirdly, technological advantage.

Track Record and Reputation
Mischa Estate was the first estate/farm in South Africa to encompass the complete process from
the grafted vine to the marketing of the bottle of wine. We have long-standing relationships with
some of South Africa's best wine and table grape estates, with whom we work closely to meet their
ever-increasing production and quality needs.
Furthermore, we are able to offer our customers a fast turnaround time on any information they
require because we are owner operated. Each customer has direct access to owners, nursery
manager and the salesperson. 

Our 'guarantee'
Remember, at Mischa Premier Vines, we do not compromise on quality. We have been supplying
the best quality vines to the local market for four decades.

We pride ourselves on:
• grading our vines much more strictly than the industry standard,
• investing in the best plant material available in South Africa - 100% 'foundation',
• technological advantage - our 'vine spy' software is more advanced than anything else
• transparency - we are happy to share our processes and material sources with
• traceability - we offer full traceability and planting history, which is your assurance that
  we take full accountability and responsibility for our product,
• rotation and resting of nursery soils, to ensure the highest quality vines,
• strict phyto-sanitary protocols for maximum cleanliness of all plant material and
• accountability - the business is owned and operated by Gary and Andy Barns; we are
100% accountable for the products we sell - there are no hollow promises, just the best
Contact Details

Gary Barns
Mobile: +27 (0)82 459 5085

Tel: + 27 21 864 1020/19/16
Fax: 086 514 9818

Mischa Estate, PO Box 163,
Oakdene Rd, Wellington 7654

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Application for grafted vines
Current list of cultivars

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application for grafted vines application for grafted vines
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Aansoekvorm vir geŽnte stokke
Lys van huidige kultivars
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PAIA Mischa Premium Vines cc document PAIA Mischa Premium Vines cc document
PAIA Mischa Vineyard Logistics document PAIA Mischa Vineyard Logistics document